Route Optimization

All Internet traffic relies on a routing protocol called Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) as one of its key criterion. BGP looks at several metrics when deciding a path to choose, but is unable to make decisions based on actual path performance. This can be a critical obstacle to achieving consistent, optimal performance across the Internet. BGP uses a metric called AS-Path when picking the best performing path. AS-Path counts how many networks a path crosses on its way to the end user. When BGP makes a decision based on the AS-Path metric it is doing so blind to the actual performance of the paths. That.s analogous to planning a cross-country car trip based on mileage, without any consideration for congestion, planned construction, or speed limits of the roads along the way.

Fortunately, there is an Internet latency solution: Managed Internet Route Optimizer. (MIRO), available only from Internap.

MIRO is route and web performance optimization software that works with BGP in an automated manner, updating routing tables with the best performing routes available. MIRO provides a superior alternative to the manual route selection approach that many data centers employ to compensate for BGP.s inherent deficiencies.

MIRO works like a traffic reporter in a helicopter, continually analyzing the performance of all available routes and identifying the best option. MIRO gathers data and dynamically responds with intelligent route adjustments, ensuring that data is travelling along the fastest, most reliable route.