Redundant Power

Two power supplies and complete system redundancy deliver 100% power uptime

Power is also susceptible to outages. Power supplies in servers do fail, and power sub-systems in datacenters do suffer from outages. If this did not happen then why would critical equipment come standard with two (or more) power supplies from major vendors? Also, why would every major data center in the world have two (or more) power sub-systems? If someone offers 100% power uptime and not a dual power supply configuration, there is a lot of room for error. With Redundant Power servers your server will have two power supplies connected to two different backup battery systems. Each battery system has a generator dedicated to it. There is a third "swing" generator that takes over if one of these two were to fail. It's a backup to the backup. Each power system (Primary + Backup) has its own service coming in from the Utility Company.

If you decide not to go with us, at least make sure the facility your selecting has at least two generators. Generators are mechanical and do fail.