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Route Optimization with 13 Backbone Providers

Route optimziaiton selects the best path to your users from 13 Backbone Providers

All Internet traffic relies on a routing protocol called Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) as one of its key criterion. BGP looks at several metrics when deciding a path to choose, but is unable to make decisions based on actual path performance. This can be a critical obstacle to achieving consistent, optimal performance across the Internet. BGP uses a metric called AS-Path when picking the best performing path. AS-Path counts how many networks a path crosses on its way to the end user. When BGP makes a decision based on the AS-Path metric it is doing so blind to the actual performance of the paths. That.s analogous to planning a cross-country car trip based on mileage, without any consideration for congestion, planned construction, or speed limits of the roads along the way.

Fortunately, there is an Internet latency solution: Managed Internet Route Optimizer. (MIRO)..

MIRO is route and web performance optimization software that works with BGP in an automated manner, updating routing tables with the best performing routes available. MIRO provides a superior alternative to the manual route selection approach that many data centers employ to compensate for BGP.s inherent deficiencies.

MIRO works like a traffic reporter in a helicopter, continually analyzing the performance of all available routes and identifying the best option. MIRO gathers data and dynamically responds with intelligent route adjustments, ensuring that data is travelling along the fastest, most reliable route.

See a list of the carriers route optimziation selects from, or even run some traceroutes from our Looking Glass and see for yourself!

If you do not use us as your provider... A good rule of thumb is your provider should have at least four Network Service Providers. They should have two routers, each router having two carriers. This means you will have a good selection of route diveristy, and redundancy. Feel free to Chat with us and we will help you ask the other providers the right questions.

Redundant Network

Two independent network connections to each server guarantee high availability

Every server is connected to one of our Primary (A) network switches. Our Primary network switches are connected with no less than 10 Gigabits/sec uplinks to TWO different routers. Each router is connected to multiple Internet uplinks. This means if an Internet provider goes out, you do not have an outage. If a router goes out, you do not have an outage.

Equipmnet does fail; and if a provider who says otherwise, they not being honest with you. What can you do about this? We can connect your server to our Backup (B) network switches. These are not relate to our Primary network in any way. (This is key. Other providers will setup a LAG with two network connections, or to two different switches in a stack, or two different line cards in a chassis. This DOES NOT COMPARE). By connecting to two diverse switches there is configuration resliancy. The Backup (B) network switches are connected in the same way, with no less than 10 Gigabits/sec uplinks to TWO different routers. There is NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE. This is a true 2N configuration. Beyond 2N, this is a resilient configuraiton, which means even in the rare event of a wrong configuration change, we would have to mess up in two places to interrupt your service. Connectivity to all servers is automatically verfiied before and after each change to prevent two changes from creating a service interruption

Redundant Power

Two power supplies and complete system redundancy deliver 100% power uptime

Power is also susceptible to outages. Power supplies in servers do fail, and power sub-systems in datacenters do suffer from outages. If this did not happen then why would critical equipment come standard with two (or more) power supplies from major vendors? Also, why would every major data center in the world have two (or more) power sub-systems? If someone offers 100% power uptime and not a dual power supply configuration, there is a lot of room for error. With Redundant Power servers your server will have two power supplies connected to two different backup battery systems. Each battery system has a generator dedicated to it. There is a third "swing" generator that takes over if one of these two were to fail. It's a backup to the backup. Each power system (Primary + Backup) has its own service coming in from the Utility Company.

If you decide not to go with us, at least make sure the facility your selecting has at least two generators. Generators are mechnical and do fail.

Concurrent Maintainability

Better than N+1. Any critical component can be bypassed with zero downtime

This means any component can be taken out of service to be repaired, replaced or updated without impact to your service. We can remove a router, switch, PDU, backup battery, generator, power feed from the utlity company, etc and you will not notice an interrutpion of service. This greatly reduces planned maintence outages.

Datacenter Location and Pictures

Ionity's premium data center in Dallas, TX offers a superior modular deisgn allowing for increased reliablity and enhanced flexiblity. State-of-the-art technology provides for high density power and high effiency cooling, while advanced security and protection features ensure your data is secure 100% of the time.

See Pictures Here

  • Location: Located in the heart of the Texas hi-tech Silicon Prairie, Internap.s Dallas facility is adjacent to many Fortune 500 companies and offers convenient access to highways, airports and hotels.

  • Same Footprint. More Power: Our Dallas facility features the latest in data center design techniques including in-row cooling options and close coupled liquid cooling solutions enabling high density configurations of up to 12KW per rack. among the highest in the industry.

  • Green Design: As a part of our overall design philosophy, we are committed to consuming fewer fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse emissions, minimizing the impact on land and providing a better working environment.

  • Speed-to-Market: By integrating modular elements into our facility design, we can grow as quickly as your business demands.

  • Carrier Diversity: Our Dallas facility offers a robust carrier-neutral Meet-Me-Room, including alternative transit and local access options. In addition, we also provide Internap.s Performance IP. with optimized links up to 10GB through more than 10 top tier carriers.

  • Customer Amenities: Our data centers are more than just a place to house equipment; every facility features fully equipped office space and technical workspace, plus a full service lounge with DirecTV, X-Box and multiple vending options for snacks and beverages.

  • On-Site Personnel: Our experienced team of data center engineers and technical support staff are on-site 24/7, proactively monitoring facility performance and resolving issues before they impact your business.

  • Resiliency: More than just an N+1, our infrastructure system is designed for the concurrent maintainability of generator, UPS and cooling modules, enabling our Dallas facility to maximize the uptime of your environment.

  • Security: We protect your equipment with comprehensive security measures including 24/7 on-site security personnel, closed circuit television systems, as well as biometric, electronic and key card locks.

Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 Series Processors

Traditional Configuration


SuperMicro server grade equipment with enterprise storage delivered at an affordable price using industry standard configurations.

  • Intel Xeon E3-1200 Processor
  • 16GB ECC Memory
  • 1 x Power Supply (A Power)
  • 1 x Network Port (A Network)
  • 4 x SATA/SSD Hot Swap Bays
  • Remote KVM & IPMI Server Control

Redundant Network & Power


Multiple power supplies and network uplinks help improve the availability of systems with protection from unplanned outages.

  • Intel Xeon E3-1200 Processor
  • 16GB ECC Memory
  • 2 x Power Supplies (A+B Power)
  • 2 x Network Ports (A+B Network)
  • 2 x SATA/SSD Hot Swap (RAID 1)
  • Remote KVM & IPMI Server Control

Redundancy and Scale


Extra storage allows for higher performance and more capacity. Plus the same Redundant Network & Power to help improve availability.

  • Intel Xeon E3-1200 Series Processor
  • 32GB ECC Memory
  • 2 x Power Supplies (A+B Power)
  • 2 x Network Ports (A+B Network)
  • 4 x SATA/SSD Hot Swap (RAID 10)
  • Remote KVM & IPMI Server Control

Do you need more, less, or just something different?

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting allows you to focus on what you know best, your business, while we manage and maintain all aspects of your server. Rest easy knowing you are in good hands.

  • Initial Setup, Configuraiton, Hardening and Migration
  • Proactive monitoring and updates keep you running
  • Managed Backups and log file review keeps your server running safe and performing well
Dual CPU, Quad CPU and Custom Solutions

Ionity can provide a range of products to get you EXACTLY what you need. Please Contact Us and let us know what your looking for and we will provide you with a formal sales quote.

  • Initial Setup, Configuraiton, Hardening and Migration
  • Proactive monitoring and updates keep you running
  • Managed Backups and log file review keeps your server running safe and performing well